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Beaver County Christian School does not discriminate in its admission policies on the basis of race, sex, nationality or ethnicity. BCCS does not discriminate in its administration of educational policies, extracurricular and athletic programs, financial aid awards, or any other school-administered programs.

We do however, reserve the right to deny admission to any individual who cannot benefit from enrollment based on disqualifying academic and social/emotional and behavioral abilities, or whose personal or family lifestyle is not in harmony with the stated philosophy and mission of Beaver County Christian School.

The Admissions Committee supervises the screening of prospective students and recommends admission policies to the Board. Admission of new applicants is subject to approval by the Admissions Committee.

  • At least one parent or guardian in the household must genuinely acknowledge a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and a commitment to Christian education through the process of an admissions interview. Prior to the interview, all sections of the application must be completed, the application signed, and application fee paid. Applications are considered in the order in which they are completed. In addition to the application, additional documents must be on file before an admissions interview is scheduled.
  • At least one parent or guardian in the household must sign the BCCS Statement of Faith.
  • A completed Pastor’s Recommendation Form supplied by BCCS must be submitted.
  • A screening is required for all new applicants. Screenings are only given to those children whose parents/guardians have applied for admission.
  • A copy of report cards (or home school evaluations) and standardized testing for the prior years is required for students transferring to BCCS.

A student’s acceptance at any grade level is contingent upon the student’s ability measured by a standardized testing program and by the interview data. A probationary period of nine school weeks will be required for final placement of grade. Should a change be deemed necessary, parents will be notified before the end of the nine-week period. All new students are enrolled on a probationary basis for their first year. During this time it is incumbent on the student to demonstrate that he or she desires to be part of the school. Should it become apparent during this time that the student is not committed to the goals of BCCS, he or she will be dismissed.

No student shall be admitted who:

  • has emotional or disciplinary problems that cannot be met by the faculty and support staff of BCCS
  • has a court record, been previously expelled from another school or a reputation that is not aligned with the mission and philosophy of BCCS
  • has a physical handicap or learning impairment for which our program is not equipped to support
  • The parent(s) or guardian(s) must have legal custody of the child(ren) and they must reside in the household for the majority of the time.
  • The family must have at least one parent or guardian residing in the household. If there are two parents residing in the household, they must be a legally married man and woman. This is based upon the Biblical standards of marriage based on Matthew 19:5-6 and Ephesians 5:22-23.
  • The family must be active in a local, Bible-believing church.

To be admitted, a student must present evidence of readiness, including a satisfactory completion of work for the grade previous to that for which he or she is making application. Applicants for Kindergarten must be five (5) years of age. 

  • To be admitted, a student must submit a written paragraph explaining why they desire to attend BCCS.
  • To be admitted, a student must have two letters of recommendation. A recommendation may be written by a teacher, youth pastor, pastor, employer, Sunday school teacher, tutor, etc.
  • To be admitted, the student must attend the admissions interview.

After the admission interview, the family will be notified within 24 hours of the decision of the admissions committee.